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Modern Architecture

Pre-Built Floor Plans and Documentation for Construction,
Architects, Engineers, and Designers.

3D Virtual Tours & DWG Floor Plans (CAD)
Accelerate your design process and permit approvals with iGuide

Quickly turn digital measurements into efficiency gains for your business.


With iGuide, you can turn around DWG floor plans within 48 hours*, easily share project files with partners, and create 3D walkthroughs for your clients.

Stop struggling with inaccurate measurements, time-consuming processes, and inefficient project planning and collaboration.

Explore as-built spaces with iGuide

iGuide allows you to explore spaces remotely, providing you with the comprehensive information you need. 

With the iGUIDE Camera System, we map and document as-built environments and create visual and dimensional information for planning, designing, and evaluating space.

Say goodbye to hours of manual measurements and drawing

By implementing iGuide you can get to permit approval quicker, remotely review the project site 24/7/365 via a 3D walkthrough, take digital measurements as needed, and secure remote bids from your partners!












*DWG Floor Plan delivery time depends on property size and complexity and may exceed 48 hours. Excluding Sundays, holidays, and outside office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).

DWG floor plans in
48 hours or less*
3D virtual client tours
& documentation
Virtual building
permits & approval
Real-time collaboration
with contractors

Colorado iGuide Virtual Tours offers a quick and accurate way to document a property. Save time and reduce costs.
Experience iGuide by Clicking "Click to Explore"

iGuide DWG Floor Plans expedite permit approvals effortlessly

The iGuide DWG Floor Plans offer advanced features designed to create fast and accurate CAD drawings tailored to your specific requirements – they’re providing you with a head start.

  1. iGuide DWG Floor Plans are LOD 200 – level of detail.

  2. AIA – American Institute of Architects standard layers.

  3. Annotations include labels, areas, objects, and dimensions – Premium only.


iGuide DWG Floor Plans

A head start on architectural, construction floor plans, and design drawings.

Enhancing your floor plan drafting workflow


The days of manual drawing are a thing of the past thanks to the iGuide System. iGuide offers the fastest and most cost-effective solution for capturing and drafting 2D floor plans with the DWG file export intended as a head start on architectural and construction floor plans as well as as-built and design drawings.


There are many advantages to
iGuide DWG Floor Plans

With iGuide 3D Tours and DWG Floor Plans, you can expect the following benefits.

Enhanced speed of delivery – 48 hours
instead of 5-10 days.


Less than half the cost of
traditional methods.

Take 1,000’s of measurements instantly
for improved accuracy.

DWG Floor Plans delivered to you in 48 hours or less*

iGuide DWG Floor Plan features are some of the best in the business

The iGuide DWG Floor Plans deliver features developed to create fast and accurate CAD drawings to meet your architectural, construction, and design needs.


iGuide Digital Twin: experience the facility virtually.

iGuide DWG Floor Plans are LOD 200 – level of detail.

AIA – American Institute of Architects standard layers.

Annotations include labels, areas, objects, dimensions – Premium only.

iGuide DWG comes in two different types
DWG's include an iGuide Virtual Tour

Standard DWG

Premium DWG

                Feature                                                   Standard            Premium

48 hr Processing Time                                               ✔️                     ✔️

Wall Types & Placement                                            ✔️                     ✔️

Wall Sizes at ½” Tolerances                                        ✔️                    ✔️

Door Types & Placement                                           ✔️                    ✔️

Windows Placement                                                    ✔️                    ✔️

Stairs                                                                               ✔️                   ✔️

Structural Elements                                                     ✔️                   ✔️

AIA Layers                                                                     ✔️                    ✔️

Partial Floor to Floor Alignment                                ✔️                    ✔️

Room Labels                                                                                            ✔️

Room Areas                                                                                             ✔️

Room Dimensions at ¼” Tolerances                                                    ✔️

Premium Objects                                                                                    ✔️

Flat Ceiling Heights                                                                                ✔️

Avoid costly delays to your projects.
Utilize iGuide DWG Floor Plans for better planning and execution.

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