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iGuide Virtual Tours provides Facility Managers with the most practical way to generate accurate building information quickly, easily, and securely to share with stakeholders to help them manage their dynamic workload.

iGuide Virtual Tours provides a quick and easy way to automate the creation of an immersive 3D walk-through and extensive property data. iGuide data capture enables you to easily map interior spaces, generate floor plans, document facility conditions, and perform accurate measurements. iGuide Virtual Tours is the most efficient system for Facility Managers to collaborate with all stakeholders in rapidly changing circumstances.

360 Degree Images

  • Visual inspections to identify equipment, check conditions, traversal and access needs, location, and identify required equipment.

3D Virtual Environment

  • Simplify facility navigation. Optimize workload and project locations. Space comparisons (flip to another room to compare features).


  • Identify equipment, features, and deficiencies in 3d space. Store data link text, images, and pdf (nameplates, manuals, serial numbers).

Measure modes 1,2,3.

  • Measure floor areas (determine the cost of materials and labor to replace carpet, source, and place furniture.) Measure wall areas (paint. Utility access, power, water). Place equipment (determine space needs for equipment like a compressor, blower, racks, appliances, and storage. Facility branding and rebranding evaluation and planning.


  • Relay information to stakeholders (contractor, designer, staff), Data governance to manage exchange with regulators and other parties.

PDF, DXF, JPG, SVG floor plans.

  • Reference to return facility to its as-built condition

  • Import into space planning software

  • Import data into CAD or other software

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Document conditions

Virtually visit and see the details required to build reports for repair and maintenance cost analysis and planning. Site visits can be reduced or even completely eliminated and communication can occur more rapidly between interested parties.

Market to potential tenants

Send potential tenants on a tour so they can get the information they need to understand if their endeavor will fit into the space. Whether it’s a not-for-profit, a start-up, or a hair salon, every business requires a space that meets its needs. Give them the ability to check this out on their own time and plan out the space before they move in.

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Monitor and share progress

Get an interactive snapshot of a space during construction. Explore a property beforeduring, and after construction. Monitor for best practices, and safety standards, and get a real sense of the progress being made. Check to see what progress is occurring and if it is meeting expectations.

Onscreen advanced measurements

Measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space. Using only data from the iGUIDE camera and without a need to collect time-consuming 3D point clouds. Remotely plan and manage space. Whether it’s for personal use or for a contractor, Advanced Measurements can measure a space for several common everyday scenarios that span a broad range of industries

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The iGuide camera system captures lidar point cloud data and 360-degree images


An iGUIDE camera system is used to rapidly capture accurate and comprehensive building information.


Upload data to create a virtual facility environment including accurate floor plans, 3D navigation, accurate measurement tools.


Communicate detailed building information to anyone with appropriate authorization across the world who needs it for planning, design, or review state and condition.

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