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iGuide Virtual Tours & Google Street View
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iGuide Virtual Tours and Google Street View

An iGuide Virtual Tour of any property that is accessible to the public (such as a business) can be captured, processed, and sent to Google Street View. This gives people a fast and easy way to experience properties online before they visit in person. This data will be visible to anyone on Google Maps. This means it’s not for private residences or other types of private properties.

How does it work?

Any iGuide Virtual Tour of a public space can be exported to Google Street View. The process requires three simple steps. Step 1 is capturing the property with an iGuide Virtual Tour. Step 2 is to submit the property data for processing. Step 3 is to export the data to Google through the iGuide Virtual Tour Portal.


As long as you have a Google Account, we can submit the data to Google, and can take less than one minute. 

Google Street View.jpg

What are the benefits?

Helps businesses by:

  • Sharing your physical space with customers online.

  • Qualifying buyers by getting people in the door who are truly interested in your products and/or services.

  • Building confidence and showcasing your space in the best light.

  • Improving your Google search ranking.

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