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Unleashing the Power of Laser Measurements for Accurate and Cost-Saving DWG Floor Plans

Laser Measurements for Accurate and Cost-Saving DWG Floor Plans
DWG Floor Plans in 48 Hours

If you want to remodel an existing space, build an addition, or tweak a custom floor plan, you need a DWG plan to develop drawings. As an industry professional, you know how these plans work.

DWG floor plans are crucial to your project's architecture, design, and permitting.


These plans, typically created using AutoCAD or Sketchup software, provide architects, designers, and others involved in the project with a detailed representation of a building’s layout. From the placement of walls, doors, and windows to the dimensions of each room, DWG floor plans serve as a blueprint for construction and renovation projects.

How often have you found yourself frustrated with creating your DWG floor plan?

If you are like most of the leaders in your industry, you find it too complicated and costly to create DWG floor plans using a traditional approach, and you’re looking for a better solution.

Let’s discuss how we can make creating DWG floor plans easier and more cost-effective with our cutting-edge laser technology.


What is the risk with manual measurement?

Your measurements must be precise to get the most out of these files.

Creating your initial DWG floor plan can often take days, with multiple site visits and costs. The risk of not having the correct measurements at every stage of a construction project can result in increased costs, regulatory violations, and project delays.

The process can take hours, traveling room to room, manually pulling tape, drawing and documenting features into one final drawing ready for the architect to interpret into a formal DWG floor plan. When capturing measurements for a DWG drawing manually, you’re leaving yourself open to human error, and you could end up:

  • extending timelines,

  • violating regulatory guidelines,

  • or losing money on direct and indirect costs.

Our cutting-edge laser measurement system is the tool to capture a space to create a reliable floor plan accurately.


A hassle-free way to create DWG Floor Plans

We will provide a proven, cost-effective way to get a head start on architectural and construction floor plans and as-build and design drawings. By utilizing our cutting edge laser measurements for DWG Floor Plans, you can expect to:

  • Take 1,000’s of measurements instantly.

  • Receive DWG floor plans in hours, not days.

  • Expedite building permit approvals and project collaboration.

  • Have DWG floor plans created in less than 48 hours instead of 5-10 days.

  • Spend less than half the cost of traditional methods.

Our system accurately measures the distance to walls with a typical 1 cm (approx. 0.4”) degree of uncertainty up to a range of 40 meters (130 ft). It uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser measurements per second versus a common handheld scanner, which provides one laser measurement at a time.

Building a plan for success

The greater the accuracy of your DWG floor plan, the greater the chances are that your project will be executed correctly and that the finished design will meet your client’s expectations.

Our DWG Floor Plans include:

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects) standard layers

  • Annotations including labels, area totals, objects, dimensions, etc. (premium only)

  • LOD 200 (level of development)

  • iGUIDE 360-degree virtual tour

When you use our cutting-edge laser measurement system, your design professionals, architects, and engineers will know you’ve created a reliable source of truth regarding the placement of the walls, doors, windows, and furniture.

You can use the DWG floorplan from your system in AutoCAD or SketchUp to update your project's design, attain approvals, and create your client’s vision.

Take an approach everyone will appreciate.

  • Avoid the risk of manual measurement, multiple walk-throughs, and site visits.

  • You’ll be able to meet code and regulatory requirements with accurate files that your professional team can rely on.

  • Don’t let outdated processes hold you back.

  • Save time and avoid hassles with manual measurements, drawing, and multiple site visits.

  • Improve project accuracy and start capturing accurate floor plans, room dimensions, and reliable square footage calculations in one go with our cutting-edge laser measurements.

Our team is ready to show you the difference; reach out today to learn how we can save you time money, and move your project through faster.

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