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Virtual Tour v/s Walkthrough Video: Identifying What’s Best For Property Sales

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The real estate business is changing rapidly, with new technologies used to sell the properties without any hassle. Most of the realtors take real estate photography and video services to present their listings uniquely and make them more saleable. But, a few realtors are still posting walkthrough videos to make their listings look better, but others are opting for virtual tours to enhance their credibility. Before comparing these two methods, let’s get an insight into each:

Virtual Tour: The 360 virtual tour is a 360-degree spin around tour across the property that the user can move around to get more details. The photographs or videos can be moved in any direction for better viewing. Even a few photographers are using technology like iGuide virtual tours to make the presentation more intriguing.

Walkthrough Video: These simple videos act as a motion video as you watch on YouTube that shows you only what the realtors want you to witness. The static video goes in one series where you may be told about the property through storytelling technique, or the broker is making you walk through the video according to their own will.

To see what’s better to promote your real estate property, let’s see a brief comparison between the Virtual Tour and Walkthrough Video.

Basis Of Difference

Full Property Tour

iGuide Virtual Tour - You can see the whole property from one end to the next end by rotating the video accordingly.

Walkthrough Video - Only you can see the motion video shown to you.

Complete Details

iGuide Virtual Tour - The users can get details by clicking on any part of the property.

Walkthrough Video - You can only see the details shown by the realtor.


iGuide Virtual Tour - When it’s bundled with photography, it’s usually more affordable than a video walkthrough.

Walkthrough Video - The price can depend on factors such as, music, title slides, voice over, contact info, etc.


iGuide Virtual Tour - It builds the market reputation of the realtor as people can get detailed information.

Walkthrough Video - These listings may or may not be opted by the buyers according to the information provided.


iGuide Virtual Tour - Builds a significant amount of trust

Walkthrough Video - People can be in a dilemma or confused about the details provided by the realtor.

Comfort level

iGuide Virtual Tour - The buyers can select the listing by taking a 360 virtual tour from the comfort of their home. They can choose the property accordingly and then go for a visit.

Walkthrough Video - Here, the buyers need to see each property as videos may not give detailed insight, and they may have a few queries.

By looking at the differences above, virtual tours are beneficial to realtors. They can take the service from experienced Denver real estate photographer Colorful Virtual Tours. Our iGuide Virtual Tours includes professional HDR photography, floor area calculation, room measurements, 3D property tour, and neighborhood information. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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