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Detailed EXS Files in 24 Hours.

Streamline Claims Resolution:
Deliver Quick and Efficient Solutions for Your Clients

Comprehensive documentation of properties impacted by floods, water damage, and limited fire damage.

When emergencies happen, your clients rely on you to quickly resolve their claims. Lengthy settlements, litigation, and excessive paperwork are obstacles you want to avoid.

Say goodbye to delays: simplify your workflow by harnessing the power of our Instant Sketch* — an innovative tool that automates the floor plan sketch creation, translating to the Verisk Xactimate software within minutes.


Floor plan sketch in
Xactimate within minutes*

Secure file

Reduce human error with 1000’s of measurements per scan

Minimize the possibility of incorrect information.

Insurance claims and restoration cases can be delayed for months and even years based on the reliability of the evidence presented and the accuracy of the information. With iGUIDE technology, measurement uncertainty in distance measurement on a floor plan is 0.5% or better, and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is 1% or better. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are leaving a site with the data you need to complete an accurate claim.

Flexible solutions to fit your business

Discover the offering that matches your delivery time and detail requirements

Instant Sketch*

When you need to react quickly. An ESX file is delivered in minutes.


  • Site documentation

  • Lidar laser-accurate measurements

  • Virtual walkthrough

Begin the claim before you leave the property.

Standard iGUIDE: ESX

Capture structural property damage. A comprehensive ESX file is delivered within 24 hours.** 


  • Multi-floor capture

  • Detailed annotations and tagging

  • Structural features include walls, windows, doors and stairs

A complete documentation solution for more in-depth assessments.

Premium iGUIDE: ESX

Captures structural and asset damage. A detailed ESX file is delivered within 24 hours.**


All features are included in the standard ESX file as well as cabinet components.

Comprehensive documentation of properties impacted by floods, water damage and limited fire damage.

If you request an Instant Sketch but require additional detail, upgrade to iGUIDE Standard or Premium at any time.

*Instant Sketch is currently in BETA. The machine-generated sketch quality relies on the input data the camera operator provides. Although iGUIDE and Verisk aim for typical file delivery in Xactimate within minutes, this timeframe may vary depending on load factors, such as after a catastrophic loss event. iGUIDE Instant Sketch is limited to properties no greater than 5000 sq ft and projects with no more than 70 scans.

**ESX files are delivered within one business day, excluding holidays and outside office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm ET).

Sketch Processing (USD)

iGUIDE technology can automatically create room(s) or entire floor plan drawings and translate those directly into a format compatible with Xactimate.

Instant Sketch


iGUIDE Standard: ESX

iGUIDE Premium: ESX

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